Welcome to The Name Game – About Us

So, who is The Name Game??

Introducing the first half of The Name Game:


With a degree in early childhood and a house of boys, Raquel is into name themes, individuality and brave name choices. Raquel’s inspiration flows from her strong family connections, her natural creativity and passion for working with children. She loves some illiteration with names, especially when the first and last names begin with the same letter, but isn’t too keen on siblings sharing the same inital.

Raquel’s sons are Monty Ivan and Leo Douglas. Monty’s name was found online, (after lots of searching, she really played TNG!), and for Raquel and her husband it was love at first sight. Leo had a few different names before his name stuck, though Monty called him Douglas while he was in their mumma’s tummy. Raquel played with the idea of letting Monty name the new baby, but instead used his choice as the middle name, a special story to tell when the boys are older.

Raquel loves strong, short masculine names like Henry and Alfie, and uber cool names like Hugo and Theo. For girls, Raquel swoons over a mix of classy traditional names like Margot and Harriet and galaxy inspired twinklers like Luna and Cleo. You’ll notice that between her son Leo, and fave choices Theo and Cleo, Raquel’s hot on ‘O’ ending names.

Raquel’s pumped to get to know your naming stories and find some new favourite names while she’s at it!

Raquel and her boys, Monty & Leo

The second member of TNG is :


While Raquel and Evie are similar in many ways, both having an early childhood degree for one, they’re also very different…Evie’s a dreamer; always full of inspiration, ideas and endless passion. She’s driven by her connection to family, nature and country living, all of which elements can be seen in her name loves and loathes.

In the early days of Evie’s pregnancy there was a name she just couldn’t stop thinking about. She suggested it to her baby daddy who fell in love with it instantly. As with most pregnancies Evie floated from name to name, but for her partner that was ‘the’ name. And so Evie and her Irish beau welcomed their precious pink bundle, Pearl Valentine.

Evie has an electic flair with names; favouring traditional, revamped ‘granny’ names such as Florence and Clementine. And also loves trendy, hipster names like Otis and Frankie, while also being a fan of nature inspired names like Sage and Honey.

Evie’s all about a good theme with names and can spot a ‘name-fraud’ a mile off! Nothing annoys her more than people who dont stick to their theme. We can’t wait to see what names choices are in the future for Evie one day, whenever that may be.

Evie and her daughter Pearl

Welcome to The Name Game!

We hope you jump head first into our baby name journey, share your stories and spread the love.

Peace and love xo

Raquel and Evie

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