Chrissie Swan on being brave with name choices

Chrissie first hit our screens as the runner-up on Big Brother 2003. Australia instantly fell in love with “her knack for the spoken word, her off the cuff antics and her honest, down to earth shining personality” as she is described on her website.

Following her success on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here earlier this year, Chrissie is set to shine in a new and exciting role, this time alongside Grant Denyer as cohost of The Great Australian Spelling Bee.

11038929_478563775651815_3555320388212605855_nAway from the spotlight of television and radio Chrissie is a busy and hard working mum of three children…all with very trendy names. Being big fans of Chrissie (and her name choices) we contacted her for some candid insight into some of our juicy, opinion based questions.

“When I had my first son I felt all the good names were taken by my sisters so I had to put my thinking cap on,” explained Chrissie, “I always loved Kit for a boy. But I wasn’t brave enough first up.” Chrissie and her partner Christopher also loved the name Dominic. Chrissie’s first born son is named Leo because “he looked like a Leo”. Chrissie goes on to explain that she was drawn to the name because it is “a great strong spirited name and it suits him.” She also confesses that she “may have pushed a little for Leo but Chris loved it in the end and actually suggested it when he saw Leo’s face” (good team work!).

ch3Second time round Chrissie was brave and made the ballsy decision to go with her gut, naming her son Kit while he was in the womb. Kit is a name which holds many family connections for Chrissie; not only is it a nickname for her partner Chris but it is also a nod to Chrissie herself, along with Christian, her father in law.
ch2Third time round Chrissie went for a name she’d always loved for being “warm and funny and friendly”. Chrissie named her daughter Peggy (cute!) though admits that she was named Josephine (equally cute!) for a few hours because she really liked that name too.

On naming her children with partner Chris, Chrissie said they “found it pretty easy to name the kids because there weren’t that many names I liked! Some I’d like and Chris wouldn’t, and vice versa. I never forced a name. Sometimes you just don’t like it and that’s that.” (other than Leo!) đŸ™‚

Being in the spotlight we were curious whether Chrissie felt any pressure from society when naming her children. Her confident and down to earth response confirmed to us why Chrissie and her confident disposition towards life and herself are so loved by many around the country. “I didn’t feel any pressure from anyone over the naming of my kids,” said Chrissie, “I know some people in my family don’t like a few of the names I chose and I couldn’t care less!” (Good on you Chrissie!)

Leo, Kit and Peggy all share a middle name, Chrissie’s last name, Swan. Chrissie chose to use Swan because she is one of only three girls and “the name Swan will die out this generation if I don’t whack it into my kids somehow!”

Here at TNG we’re big on name themes but Chrissie has opened our eyes to new perspectives, saying “I don’t think it’s important for all names to match because as an adult, how often are you with your siblings and being introduced to strangers? Never”. (Good point!)

In describing her personal naming style Chrissie says, “I’ve just always picked a name I’m mad about. Not just ‘oh yeah, it’s nice’ I had to be in love with it or it didn’t wash”.

Thank you Chrissie for sharing with us! We are totally diggin’ your name choices and wish you and your family all the best with whatever the future may hold!

Peace and love,

Evie and Raquel xo

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