A Block baby!

We love The Block, and of course we love babies, so this was just super exciting!
We spoke to the pregnant half of Bec and George from The Block’s 2013 season, who are expecting their first baby soon.
So what do Bec and George consider when naming a baby? 
When I asked them how they were going with finding their perfect name, Bec admitted they were struggling a bit, but were finding girls names easier. A sign maybe??
While they hadn’t made a firm decision, the things that were important to them were, “choosing something that’s a strong name that can transition into adulthood but still be cute as a child”, which I think is something we all aim for. Bec adds, “also not choosing something too popular as there is nothing worse than your child being in a class with 3 other kids with the same name”. Amen, while traditional popular names are for some, it’s not what we go for here at The Name Game. Individuality is the key.
Lastly, Bec says of the middle name that they like the idea of naming after grandparents, to carry on some tradition. I did this, and I can see Bec and George possibly choosing something after Bec’s mum who, as we all heartbreakingly watched along, she lost while filming The Block.
We’re bursting with excitement to see this uber cool baby come into the world, and with a mum as strong and inspiring as Bec, we know she’ll pick the perfect name and be the perfect mum. Good luck Bec!
You can follow Bec and George on all social media, and also see all of Bec’s trendy style on Bec Marks the Spot.

Peace and love,

Evie xo

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