Our top 6 naming tips

Naming a baby is a big responsibility but shouldn’t be as stressful as it’s sometimes made out to be. Here’s our top 6 tips on naming the new little person in your life.

1. BACK YOURSELF…go big and go ballsy!…
Individuality is what makes the world go round. And nothing catches people’s eyes, or ears, more than an interesting name. So go BIG! We think you’re more likely to regret NOT using your favourite big name than choosing it.

2. Remember, middle names are fun but they don’t really matter…
Whether it be a family name, a fun name, or a big choice you missed our advice on for tip 1, be relaxed about it. Middle names are really just there so our mums (and us as mums) can have more syllables to yell out when we’re in trouble,right?!

3. Consider spelling and pronunciation…
Learning to read and write is a tricky thing for a little person, especially when words aren’t spelt as they are phonetically pronounced. So carefully consider that alternate spelling, that extra letter or that hyphenation….is it really necesary?

4. Consider people’s feedback and opinions…
In tip 1 we say “go ballsy” but when doing so we suggest you take on board the reactions you get from others as these reactions could well be what your child may experience throughout their life with the name you choose.

5. Don’t write off a name too quickly…
Throughout the decision process, we suggest you sit and wait on a name, don’t pass them off too quickly…you never know what name you might fall in love with once you give it a chance.

6. Keep an open mind…
When there’s a new baby on the way people find it hard to resist putting in their 2 cents worth (some may even put in a few bucks worth)…Yes this can get on our nerves but one of their suggestions could be ‘the’ name for you. Don’t miss out on a great name by brushing off the ‘donations’ of others!

So there you have it: our top 6 naming tips

Do you have any tips that you’d add to the list?

Peace and love,

Evie & Raquel xo


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