My dad ~ My hero

Being the eldest of four and the only girl, my nickname growing up was ‘The Chosen One’, basically because I was daddy’s little princess.

The love I have for my dad is indescribable…our shared humor, love and support of one another are of great value to me.

I’m not really the traditional type and had never considered naming my children after someone. But when I was expecting my first child I knew I wanted him to share a name with one of the most important and influential people in my life: my dad!


So it was decided that my first child, a son, would have his Poppa’s name as his middle name.

From the day he arrived Monty Ivan and his Poppa Ivan shared an amazing bond which still continues today. Witnessing their relationship I am reminded of the special relationship my dad and I share; one filled with unconditional love, never ending support, constant friendship and of course lots of laughter!


I’m so glad I named my son after such an extraordinary man!

Happy Fathers Day Dad,
I love you!

Raquel xo


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