Meet Lauren: Everyone has a story…

Lauren is a dedicated and busy mum to three children under five! (woah!). All of her pregnancies were high risk due to her heart condition Tricuspid Artesia & Transformation of the Great Vessel.11825059_10152881854201266_8406712399599440710_nLauren shares her baby naming journey with us…

“We found out the sex of all three children, simply because after their birth I would be in intensive care for at least 24 hours after they were born”, says Lauren. Lauren and her husband Travis wanted to honour a family tradition of Travis’ which was that all of the males have two middle names. “Travis wanted his name to be part of it so that he ‘lives on’ so to speak and I wanted my dad Shane to be honoured as well”, explains Lauren.

Preston Travis Shane

Lauren and Travis wanted to choose a strong first name for their son as they felt their last name was quite plain. “We both threw around heaps of choices until one afternoon I was reading a woman’s mag about Brett Lee and his son Preston, and that’s how Preston Travis Shane Brown came to be!!”

Second time round it was another boy for Lauren and Travis to love. “Travis wanted to pick the next name so I left it with him, at 27 weeks I was admitted to hospital on bed rest until he was born at 32 weeks so we had 5 weeks apart”. Wanting a strong name again, Lauren explains that she had suggested the name Carter with mixed responses. While in theatre, with nerves of another high risk birth, Travis and Lauren were still yet to agree on a name. Lauren didn’t see her baby boy for 24hrs and when she did her and her husband agreed that he would be named Carter.

Carter also has two middle names, continuing to carrying on Travis’ family tradition. He shares his dads name with big brother Preston and his second middle name is in honour of Lauren’s grandfather Alan. Lauren describes her grandfather as “a man who has supported me through heart surgeries, always there if we needed anything, nothing is an effort and I wanted him to be honored”.

Carter Travis Alan

Lauren shares…
“It was 48hrs after Carter was born that I first met him alone at midnight, he was sleeping in the isolate and he had his hands over his eyes. As I put my hand in & touched his tiny chest he opened his eyes & gazed at me, my first reaction was ‘Boo..hello there’ so now Carter’s nickname is Boo” (too precious!).

Whilst living on the Gold Coast Travis asked Lauren what would fulfil her and her life and her answer was another child, the little girl she’d always dreamed of. This was a hard decision for them both as they considered whether Lauren could cope with another high risk pregnancy. “I put the thought out of mind and carried on with life”, explains Lauren, “we moved back to Melbourne, Travis was busy with work and then we found out I was pregnant!” Lauren goes on to explain that her maternal instinct told her it was a girl, “I felt different, I was sick ALL day, tired; exhausted even!” It was at their 12 week scan that two sonographers confirmed it was a little girl, “I was elated!”

“This pregnancy went really well, no hospital stays, bleeds, nothing, it just all ticked on nicely. It would be a caesarean again & most definitely a preterm birth” says Lauren, “my goal was to get her to 32 weeks as we knew what that meant, we had done it all before; NICU, special care units, me going home without my baby only to get them to the right weight, then sucking, taking bottle feeds, taking every feed from a bottle then finally home!”

For her little girl Lauren liked Grace, Elizabeth and Lucy but Travis wanted something strong and different, “this girl was going to be born strong if she was anything like her mother (his words)”, shares Lauren. “Annika is how it first started, a Danish/Swedish name Travis always loved. Travis’ stepfather is Dutch so we decided on the Dutch spelling to honour his step father, Anika”.

Anika Lauren Caroline

Anika’s middle names are Lauren, after her mum, and Caroline. “Caroline was the name of Travis’ first love. At 17 years of age, he moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with her family and at the age of 21 they broke up, however a few weeks after the end of their relationship she was killed in a car accident. Travis knew her better than her family and helped them plan the funeral right down to her final resting place. After the funeral Travis told Caroline’s mother that if he ever had a daughter he would honour Caroline in her name.”

And so Lauren and Travis welcomed their daughter, Anika Lauren Caroline Brown.

Born at 28 weeks weighing 1.182kgs, Anika spent 65 days in NICU & Special Care combined. She definitely lives up to the strong name her parents chose for her!



When I asked Lauren if she’d share her baby naming journey she said that she didn’t really have a story to tell as the names they chose didn’t really have any special meaning, after reading this I think you’ll all agree that that’s not the case.

A very special and touching baby naming journey, thanks for sharing with us Lauren!

Peace and Love,

Raquel xo

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