Boy: a noise with dirt on it


For some reason I always felt I was destined to have a brood of boys (though now, 2 suits me just fine). Growing up as the eldest and only girl of 4 children I felt comfortable with boys, boys were my ‘normal’. Combining that with finding girls names so tricky, I felt boys were my destiny ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved (and still do love) SO many boys names. Being a lover of names it’s hard to limit my list, but here’s my absolute faves (some of which never made the cut with hubby)…

Alfie: this was ‘our’ name for a long time and I’m surprised we didn’t use it…perhaps because it was a name our close friends loved too? In our hearts we’ll always have a soft spot for it and remember it fondly.

Hugo: I love this name and suggested it numerous times for our second boy…hubby wasn’t convinced though. We found out the sex of both of our boys and shared this news with everyone, we kept their names a secret though…so tricky for someone who loves surprises herself!! So when people asked what names we were loving for our boys I always said Hugo as I knew I loved it and could be convincing when telling people, despite both of our boys being named very early on in the pregnancy.

Benji: Different and one that we both agreed on…for a short while.

Harvey: Loved it, and still love it…just didn’t make the cut.

Max: we both liked this one but it’s surge in recent popularity saw it drop a few notches on our list.

Percy: haha, this one makes me laugh because I loved it (and still love it) and was deadly serious when I suggested it…hubby thought it was a joke!

Milo: will always like this one but never felt like it quite ‘suited’ us.

Henry: our son Leo was named Henry during pregnancy for a short while so this name will always make me smile. I think it’s a well-rounded name, a true killer comeback name which fits with today’s world while also having a connection to the past.

Alby: similar to Alfie, yet didn’t really ‘suit’ us and our style.

Bruno: different, not something you hear everyday…but quite often makes people think of that flamboyant Austrian fashionista portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

George: like Henry I think this name is strong, yet individual while also proving to stand the test of time. A real ‘life strong’ name which can suit someone a lifetime, from a baby through to childhood and then adulthood.

Theo: was my second ‘Hugo’ as hubby wasn’t keen but I knew it would be a convincing choice for me when sharing our name preferences with others. Still love it, just like Hugo.

Elliot: after Alfie, this was one of the first names we ever really liked, but our love for this name was slowly taken over by others. I still really like it as it’s a name you don’t hear very often, is individual but isn’t too ‘out there’.

Felix: like Percy, this name was at first considered a joke when I suggested it. I love this name and I think you have to be committed and brave to use it. People often use it as a chance to nickname people ‘Felix the Cat’ which makes it lose points with me.

Louis: pronounced “LU-EE” or “LU-ISS”….I love both! My brother’s name is Lucas (or Louie as we fondly call him) so we decided against this one.

It’s always been clear to me that boys names are my thing (I really struggled with girls names). I love a mixture of names but I’m drawn to ‘y’, ‘ie’ or ‘o’ ending names, short and strong names, life strong and killer comeback (or older, classic) names and names that are a bit different but not too crazy!

I’d be confident in naming many more boys…girls on the other hand, I’ll leave that up to you Evie ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace and Love,

Raquel xxoo

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