Girl : a giggle that twirls

Raquel and I are similar in many ways  but we’ve always joked that she’d name the boys among us and I’d name the girls.

I don’t know why but I could fire off girls names (and the reasons for them) for days…boys on the other hand, not my thang.

So, at this present moment here’s what I’m diggin’ for girls…

Clementine: How good does this name look written? A beautiful old name that’s sweet for young and old alike.

Honey: I first heard this name when I was in England. I was only young and single, but my love for names was obviously embedded even then, because my eyes lit up when I heard it. Names always stick when the person is beautiful and warm and generous, and Honey didn’t disappoint.

Scout: I think this is so much fun for a little girl. Not sure how it would transform into adulthood, but it always catches my eye when I see it.

Hazel: While this sounds ridiculous, my mums favourite chook was named Hazel. She was beautiful and calm and lived as part of the family for a long time. It’ll always be a name that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Violet: Such a pretty, pretty name. A great one for all ages and still mostly untouched which is special.

Remy: For my partner and I, this was our original baby name. You know, the name for the baby that doesn’t exist but you can imagine her in your future? In our minds, Remy had crazy hair, wore dresses and gumboots and always had a necklace round her neck. Funnily enough, our daughter isn’t that far from this image, but she never would of been a ‘Remy’. I’ve recently heard the name Romy too, and I think this is a sweet, more grown up version of little sister Remy.

Sadie and Stella: These were both on my list when I was pregnant but my partner instantly crossed them both off. I think they’re just so pretty.

Anything starting with P: Pearl, Peggy, Posie, Petal, Penelope, Pippa.  ‘P’ names have really wormed their way into my heart. It’s ridiculous to generalise, but I’m finding P names are fun!!

Maisie: Our neighbours dog is actually named Maisie, but I just think it’s the cutest name ever! Maybe not a grown up name, but surely a girl could grow into it!

Lou: Strong, sharp and grown up. Love everything about it, even how it looks on paper. Double it up as LouLou for a bub 🙂

Flora: Bit frenchy, bit chic, bit awesome! I can’t get enough of a floral name.

Olive: A classic beauty. Not much more needs to be said.

Zoe: Not really something I’d normally go for, but I can see why people use it, and I love it when they do. Strong, short and feminine.

Lavender, Florence, Bloom, Valentine, Blossom: I’m into totally over the top, floral, fun, fierce, feminine middle names at the moment. Have some fun with it, let your hair down and embrace a totally unique middle name!


It’s so hard to resist listing more, there are so many choices out there. It’s interesting though how your preferences change as you move throughout your life.

Good luck naming your little lady,

Evie xxoo

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