Autumn, Saige & Posey

Name Gamer, Ylana shares her baby naming journey…


Having an unusual name myself, I wanted my children to have names where it would be very uncommon for them to meet someone with the same name. As soon as a name hits the top 100, it was crossed instantly off the list, much to Hubby’s dismay! I taught dance for many years and came across so many names, which made my quest for uncommon names more difficult! We chose to have a name we just love for our children’s first names and then their middle names to have special meaning.


When my husband and I first met, we had the fun “what would we name our kids” game and one day he suggested the name Autumn and instantly I really liked it; it is unusual in Australia but not too out there!

When we actually got around to having a baby, we were both fairly certain we were having a girl and were surprised at our 20 week scan to hear we were having a boy! Back at the name drawing board we agreed on Jasper Murray. Murray is my husband and my fathers middle name, not to mention my husbands grandfathers first name… lucky!

During labour we told the midwife we were having a boy, so when she arrived we didn’t bother checking out bits for quite a while. It was quite a shock to hear that our boy had girl bits after 20 minutes of cuddles! The midwife asked me what we were going to call her and ‘Autumn’ just burst out! I checked with hubby later that he was still ok with it, and luckily for me he was! Her middle name is Maree, which is my mother’s middle name.

Baby Autumn


Between pregnancies, I heard the name Posey on the movie ‘About Time’ and instantly fell in love. Hubby wasn’t so keen but secretly I knew I could talk him around! 5 weeks into confirming our second pregnancy, we were gobsmacked to discover we were pregnant with twins! I knew that if we were having a boy and a girl our names would be sorted; Posey and Jasper (although by this stage Jasper was in the top 100 names in Australia and I was arguing against it!).

A few weeks later it was confirmed that we were having identical twins, so we needed two names for each gender! This time we were sure we were having boys and Nathan loved the name Eamon, which was one of his previous boss’ that he looked up to. I wasn’t 100% sold on Eamon but he told me that he would let me have Posey if we were having girls if I let him have Eamon if we were having boys (he was sure he would win!). I loved Posey so much I agreed! We could not agree on a second girls name though.

Posey & Saige

At 16 weeks we got the confirmation it was two beautiful girls. We spent the next 19 weeks umm’ing and ahh’ing and came down to about 4 names we really liked for twin 2. During my two days in hospital prior to the girls arriving, we dwindled it down to two, and the morning of my caesarean we decided on Saige.

We wanted names that had a similar vibe to Autumn, but were not the same (I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the joke, “Just call them Winter and Summer!”). I like that Posey and Saige sound good together and the fact they are both flora related was not planned, but being that they are identical twins, I think it’s fitting.


Posey & Saige : Perfection!

Posey’s middle name is Jean, after Nathan’s maternal grandmother, and Saige’s middle name is Judith, after my maternal grandmother and my Aunty, who was stillborn when my Mum was 10. I love that we can honour Judith’s memory with Saige’s name.

I feel like we only call all of our girls their real names maybe half of the time because we are big on pet names in our house; Autumn gets called Bunzo (a spin off from ‘bunny’), Posey gets Po Po or Poo (Posey Poo) and Saige gets Say Say or Sue Saigey Sue). I don’t know how they will like those as they get older!

I am horrible at picking boy names; I still love Jasper and I really like the names August (although I could never have used it with Autumn!) and Arlo. For girls, the rest of our shortlist with the twins included Margeaux (Margot), Lottie and Emmie. I also love Sadie, Indigo and Mabel, and Violet and Hazel are cool but too popular for me at the moment!

I think sibling names should all have a similar vibe. I personally find it odd when a family has common or traditional names mixed with trendy or unusual names. I feel like one of the kids would feel like the odd one out! I feel like we have picked names for our kids that are feminine but strong and different, without being a nightmare to pronounce. I hope our kids can always stand out from the crowd!

Three beautiful girls with equally beautiful names!

Thank you Ylana for sharing your story with us! We instantly fell in love with your choice of names when you shared them with us; we love your bold and unique approach to naming.

Evie & Raquel xo

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