My first born – M O N T Y

Today my baby turns 6! And I can’t believe it; it felt like not that long ago we were looking for the perfect name for our first child. 

The search for his name wasn’t the most difficult but had a few obstacles. In the beginning we had our hearts set on a girls name; Marli Grace (which just so happened to be ‘the’ name set to soar in our sons birth year). When it came to our 20 week scan we were excited to find out our babies gender; though we were still to find a boys name that we loved. We had a long list of names that we liked but nothing that made our hearts burst with joy. Going into the ultrasound I said to my husband, “it must be a boy because we’ve picked the girls name”…And that turned out to be true.

Each to their own but I loved knowing my babies gender throughout the pregnancy. I liked it for so many reasons but the top reason would have to be naming our baby and bonding with it as a named person who we felt was already developing an identity. That’s not to say I don’t believe babies unnamed during pregnancy can’t be bonded with, but that’s how I felt with our journey into parenthood.  

Mumma and Monty finally meet
 Once we knew we were having a boy we could cancel out our favourite girls names (there weren’t many) and start hunting for a killer boys name. We trawled the net, searched in books and kept an eye on the newspaper announcements until finally on a website (couldn’t tell you what site it was now) we came across MONTY! It was instantly a winner.

I remember giving Evie some clues to guess, one of the clues being ‘the name of a Simpsons character : Monty Burns’. It perhaps wasn’t the best clue, as it did sound a bit ridiculous, but my confidence convinced her it was the name for us!  

Feels like yesterday
 Having a caesarean I was in hospital for an extended time and each time the nurses changed shifts they’d introduce themselves and ask me what we’d named our baby. After hearing his name they’d all smile and say something along the lines of ‘wow, that’s different but I really like it’. We’ve had various reactions to his name but they’re usually all positive…whether it be going through customs and the officer saying ‘wow that’s a cool name’, or introducing him to new people, or starting kinder, school or swimming. We often get asked if his name is short for Montgomery or Montague but no, it’s just Monty – and we think it suits him perfectly. 

We’re very proud of our name choices and are glad we went with a strong, hip yet simple name for our first born. 

Mumma & Monty
 Happy birthday Monty!

Love Mumma aka Raquel xxoo


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