It’s unique, sweet & single syllable names for LYDIA

Lydia recently welcomed her second child into the world and we were instantly intrigued by her name choice.

Lydia said that when it came to naming her bubbas she “wanted single syllable names that were short and sweet!” And despite her and her partner Shane both loving unique choices it was surprisingly hard to come to an agreement.

Lydia and Shane named their first born;

a son:


Too cute Lux!

Lux is of Latin origin and means ‘light’ and according to Nameberry is most commonly used for girls, but in the trend of gender bending (Wyatt, James) nothing is off limits.

Lux is a powerful name with masculine connotations.

“It’s such a cool name”

“So cute and stylish”

“short, to the point, and has an interesting meaning”

“strong, effortlessly cool”


Lydia and Shane were inspired by their own creativity and say their name choices have no family connections or extra special meanings attached.

Girls names were a different story! Second time round and expecting a girl while already have a child with such a different name, it took right up until the last few weeks to have their hearts set.

And so they welcomed:


Preciously new to the world!

Wren is a whimsical name inspired by nature. With reference to the English bird of the same name, Wren is magical and uplifting.

“One of the most unpretentious and accessible nature names. Very likable”

“Its such a cool name without standing out”

“Its sleek and spunky as well as unique without being ridiculous”

“The meaning is adorable and it is short with soft sounds”

“It’s so gorgeous and simple, strong and delicate at the same time”


Using unique and original names is gutsy and brave. But trusting in their style and individuality Lydia and Shane have taken naming in their stride and gone with their gut. Having said that, people are fascinated, “everyone’s been intrigued and asking questions; usually about inspiration, meaning and spelling,” said Lydia.

So, what other names made it Lydia and Shanes hit list?

  • Scout
  • Dusty
  • and Zanzie

Clearly a zesty couple with an alternative and trendy approach to names!

Sibling love

Thanks Lydia and co for sharing with us!

We love creative and gutsy namers!


Peace and love,

Evie and Raquel xxoo

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